David Mamet’s Satirical Take on Politics: November

On Saturday, September 8, the Junior Fellows trekked to the Alley Theater in Houston to see David Mamet’s November, a funny and pointed satire of politics in the 21st century.  In addition to four of the Junior Fellows, prospective Pol Sci major Taylor Parker, alumni Blake Roach, and friend Lucas Ashby attended.

Junior Fellows Attend David Mamet’s “November.”

Will Phillips–Nearing the end of a lame-duck first term, President Smith begrudgingly relinquishes the prospects of reelection to focus on building his Presidential Library—a project that is suffering from meager funds.   With the help of his advisor and (lesbian) speechwriter, the President concludes that the best way to secure financial backing for the library and for his livelihood is to extort the National Association of Turkey & Turkey By-Products Manufacturers, threatening to skirt his duties for the National Turkey Pardoning Ceremony if they do not pay him 200 million dollars.  His plan never reaches fruition: from an Indian Chief attempting to kill him, to the deaths of two Turkeys, to his ill speechwriter who is extorting the President to legalize gay marriage for a speech she wrote, to the national scare the President’s wife unleashes around the world when she believes Iran has launched nukes…

This comedy is the creation of David Mamet (Author of other such notables as the Pulitzer Prize winning Glengarry Glen Ross) in the play November, and the Junior Fellows had the opportunity to see this hilarious play at the Alley Theatre in downtown Houston.   The play is set exclusively in the Oval Office, offering a unique 360 degree viewing opportunity.  The play was funny from one minute to the next, and I believe it was enhanced more so by it involving politics during a Presidential election year.   Two thumbs up!


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