Bush Presidential Library Classic Films: Laura

In preparation of their Dana Andrews Film Festival, the Junior Fellows booked Dr. Carl Rollyson (biographer of Dana Andrews) at the Bush Presidential Library in College Station. The Bush Library showed the classic film Laura, followed by a booksigning by Dr. Carl Rollyson, whom the Fellows accompanied to the event.

Their workday started after classes, when the Fellows accompanied Dr. Rollyson to lunch at the wonderful Farmhouse Eats and Sweets and a short tour of the square…

Dr. Rollyson and Hellieth Pedroza at the Old Town Theater

…where they posed in front of a Dana Andrews mural in Laura.

From there, they went to the Bush Library, where Dr. Rollyson was scheduled to give a talk on Andrews.  The Fellows began the event by touring the Bush Library with Dr. Rollyson, where the group had some fun posing for pictures in the Oval Office

After the tour, the JFs met up with Susan Andrews and Angela Fabry, Dana’s daughter and niece, respectively.  They had a nice dinner at Cafe Eccell, and then returned to the Bush Library for a nice event.  Dr. Rollyson and Susan introduced the film with interesting stories, and then the Fellows and an audience of more than 100 people watched the incomparable Laura, one of the greatest films ever made.  Afterward, Carl signed books for numerous people…

Dr. Rollyson Signing His Book: Hollywood Enigma: Dana Andrews

…and the group posed for some photographs after a long and wonderful day.

Junior Fellows, Friends, Susan Andrews, Angel Fabry, and Dr. Rollyson


2 thoughts on “Bush Presidential Library Classic Films: Laura

  1. The JFs, what a wonderful group of young people! Can’t wait to see what you do in the world. You were wonderful hosts, both as a group and individually. Many thanks and all best wishes to each and every one of you. Angela Fabry.

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