Bush Presidential Library; Brazos Bookstore

The Junior Fellows had a nice time Thursday night, taking  Susan Andrews, Angela Andrews Fabry, and Carl Rollyson to the Bush Library, where Rollyson and Susan introduced Laura.

Susan Andrews Introduces “Laura” at the Bush Presidential Library

The film was well attended, with more than 100 people in attendance.  Carl, who watched all of Dana’s films while writing the biography, has seen Laura ten times; Susan, Dana’s daughter, has seen it twelve times, including this viewing.

Susan, in the audience, watching her father, Dana, on the screen…

Friday brought new adventures.  Hellieth Pedroza escorted Carl, Susan, and Angela to the First Baptist Church, where Dr. Bonnie Thorne and two dozen other First Baptist Church members provided lunch and a tour.  CF Andrews, Dana’s father, was the pastor at the First Baptist Church from 1924-1929.

Later that evening, the Junior Fellows, Fabry, Andrews, and Rollyson drove to the Brazos Bookstore in Houston, where Carl discussed his book and signed books.  Interestingly, several more members of the Andrews’ family showed up, as did Brenda Gunther, who met Dana Andrews in 1986 when she attended SHSU.

Carl discussing his book, Hollywood Enigma: Dana Andrews

If you have the chance to go to the Brazos Bookstore–go!–it’s a great place to book browse.

Rollyson Display, Brazos Bookstore

The Junior Fellows did their share of browsing…

Browsing for Books

And Annel tried to prove that she really did read…

Annel And Her Book

But mostly the Andrews family had a chance to catch up.

Andrews Family at the Brazos Bookstore

Afterward, we all went to Black Walnut Cafe, where we had good food, nice conversation, and a late night before returning to Huntsville.

Santiago and Hellieth, Enjoying Time With Carl Rollyson, Angela Fabry, and Susan Andrews




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