Dana Andrews Film Festival

The Junior Fellows’ fourth annual Film Festival was a lot of fun.

Dr. Rollyson’s Biography of Dana Andrews

The day started with a tour of Huntsville.  Susan Andrews (Dana’s daughter) had never been to Huntsville, so this was her first chance to see her father’s old haunts.  The tour included the graves of Dana’s parents;

Rev. and Mrs. Andrews’ Graves, Oakwood Cemetery

…the First Baptist Church, where his father was pastor; the site of the Dorothy Theater where Dana worked as a projectionist, reinforcing his interest in films; the Old Town Theater, where Andrews’ image still graces the front…

Dr. Rollyson, Susan Andrews, and Dana Andrews, Old Town Theater

…and in an entirely unrelated stop, we were able to see the Dan-Phillips designed Tree House, which doubles as a bakery.

Dan Phillips’ Tree House

As for the film festival, the organization held the event at the Walker Education Center—with much support from the SHMM Staff—and the theater and dining facilities couldn’t have been nicer.  The organization also received a lot of help from Dr. Bonnie Thorne, who brought a party of ten; Margaret Gulledge, who brought a party of seven…

The Gulledge Table– Film Festival Regulars!

…Dr. Lee Courtney, who thought this whole thing up about five years ago (“Hey, I have a good idea for your organization…”); and Mac and Leanne Woodward and Ralph and Linda Pease, who provide us with a whole lot of community support.

The Andrews, Carl Rollyson, The Woodwards, The Peases

And, of course, Dr. Rollyson and Susan Andrews added some amazing insight, and Angela Andrews Fabry was engaging, informative, and helped organize the family gathering!

Linda Pease, Angela Fabry, Jack Andrews, and Carl Rollyson

Dr. Rollyson and Susan Andrews introduced the film, Where the Sidewalk Ends.  The film is a noir, and it is a fine, fine film, with the same leads as the more famous Laura.  Both films were directed by Otto Preminger.   Given that the Junior Fellows and some of the Andrews’ family saw Laura on Thursday night, the week made for a nice lesson in film noir.

Following the film, organization members, students…

Date Night!

…townspeople, and the Andrews family enjoyed dinner.

The Andrews Family and Friends

More Andrews and Friends

Ryan, who is in an 8th Grade Film and Editing class, got some technical advice from Susan,

Ryan with Susan Andrews

The offerings included pinwheels with beef and Gouda cheese; Mediterranean Orzo Salad; Parmesan Chicken Bowtie Salad; Tarragon Chicken Salad; and various finger foods such as olives stuffed with bleu cheese.  The meal was complemented by punch, water, and wine, with coffee to help enliven post-prandial conversation.  Desserts included dark caramel with sea salt, rum cordials, and cake balls.

Dark Caramel with Sea Salt & Assorted Cordials

Perhaps most fun, however, was the after-dinner conversation.  For Dr. Carl Rollyson, it was a success—he sold 35 copies of his book!

And for the Andrews, it was a family reunion—apparently a rare one.

Andrews Family Having Fun

… and more fun…

…still having fun…

…they can’t stop…

…last one…

And with the Junior Fellows at the end of the evening…


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