Junior Fellows Host Texas Tech Law School Visit

The Junior Fellows recently brought Matthew Manning, Director of Recruitment for Texas Tech Law School, to campus to help aspiring law students achieve their dream.

SHSU Students Await Information on Texas Tech Law

Manning discussed the timeline for Law School:

  • Throughout College: Take demanding courses that emphasize logic, critical thinking, reading, and writing.  Build relationships with professors.
  • Sophomore or (Early) Junior Year: Register for the Law School Admissions Council if you haven’t.  Take a mock LSAT or otherwise ensure you know where you stand with the LSAT.
  • (Late) Junior Year: Take LSAT prep course if needed.  How do you know if you need a Prep Course?  Take the mock LSAT.
  • Late Junior Year or Senior Year–Take LSAT (offered four times a year: Feb; June; Oct; Dec)
  • Nine Months-Twelve Months Before Enrolling in Law School: Apply to Law Schools

Matthew Manning of Texas Tech Law Presents to Students

Manning emphasized the importance of LSAT and GPA.  Law Schools tend to look at these factors first, and if they find them acceptable, then they begin weighing factors such as your personal statement, letters of recommendation, organizational work, internships/employment, background, and others.

On the flip side, students have some weighing to do, too.  With the job market for law-related fields in the dumps, you’ll want to make sure you can limit the debt you incur in law school.  You’ll also want to ensure that the school has organizations and learning opportunities that are right for you.

Manning Promotes Texas Tech

One great way to help prepare yourself for law school is to join organizations that promote learning opportunities and to start informal learning groups that will help you prepare for law school.

Learning Groups Can Help You Prepare for Law School

Learning groups allow you to combine resources, share information, and spur you on to work harder.

Also, make sure you make the most of opportunities such as guest speakers, where you can learn more about your chosen field.  To that end, make sure you register for our upcoming Law School – Grad School Seminar on Monday, October 8 (3:30-5:00), when we have representatives from UH Law School, Kaplan Testing, and the Bush School of Public Policy.

Note: These programs are part of the Junior Fellows’ mission of promoting educational opportunities to students and helping students achieve their professional and educational goals.  Check back often for additional opportunities.


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