Junior Fellows Upcoming Events

The Junior Fellows have a busy week ahead, with activities ranging from providing courses on County government to learning about Venezuelan elections to attending a presentation by Pentagon Correspondents on America’s war against Al Qaeda, the JFs are going full speed.

Tuesday, October 2: County U, Session 1: Judge Pierce, Commissioner Gaines, James Patton, Courthouse & Gibbs-Powell House
Wednesday, October 3: Debate Watch Party
Thursday, October 4: Javier Carrales (Amherst University) discusses the upcoming Venezuelan Elections and Hugo Chavez at the World Affairs Council
Saturday, October 6: The Junior Fellows are helping the Chamber of Commerce at the Fair on the Square.
Sunday, October 7: The Junior Fellows are hiking the Eastham-Thomason Park.
Monday, October 8: The Junior Fellows are hosting their annual Law School – Grad School Seminar on campus.
Tuesday, October 9: County U, Session 2: District Attorney David Weeks
Wednesday, October 10: Pentagon Correspondents for the New York Times, Eric Schmitt and Tom Shanker, discuss (and sign) their new book: “Counterstrike: America’s Secret War on Al Qaeda.

Counterstrike–Tom Shanker and Eric Schmitt




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