Gibbs-Powell: 150th Anniversary

Taylor Parker–This Saturday, September 29th, the Junior Fellows attended the Gibbs- Powell Home’s 150th Anniversary Celebration.

Porch of the Gibbs-Powell Home

The home was built by the Gibbs family in 1862; became rental property in the late 19th century, and was sold to the Powell family in 1897.  The Powells lived in the home for more than eight decades, but in 1983, Dr. Anna Powell passed away, and the family leased the home to Walker County in 1984.  Today, the home serves as a community venue and a museum.  In short, it’s a place to meet people…

…and see historical artifacts…

Many citizens came to the Gibbs-Powell home on Saturday to celebrate its 150th anniversary.  According to the Gibbs-Powell Home Coordinator, James Patton, more than 150 people of all ages stopped by, touring the home…

James Patton and the Willets

enjoying traditional music…

The Dulcimer Society

and taking photographs.

At the event, Patton spoke about the home’s Greek Revival architecture; members of the Gibbs and Powell families discussed their history with the home; Judge Pierce discussed the County’s role supervising the home…

Judge Pierces Honors the Gibbs-Powell Home

and Mayor Woodward offered a proclamation.  It was intriguing to hear the home’s in-depth history from personal, civic, and architectural perspectives.

The most interesting aspect of the event was the subtle reminder that Huntsville is rich in history and events for all to attend.  It isn’t uncommon to hear the small talk of local students, suggesting that Huntsville has little to offer them.  Reality could not be farther from the truth; sites like the Gibbs- Powell Home continue to amaze me.  Taking a moment to enjoy the deep rooted history of the families’ home provided a refreshing outlook on the area, allowing me to appreciate the hard work and sincerity of those who made Huntsville the city it is today.

It was a pleasure to attend such a gathering this weekend, and the Junior Fellows greatly appreciate the efforts of the Walker County Historical Commission to make it possible.  The Gibbs- Powell Home is located at the corner of 11th Street and Avenue M in Huntsville for those who wish to check it out as well!


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