County U: Week One

Annel Gonzalez–Last Tuesday night marked the beginning of 2012’s County U program.

The main program was at the courthouse, where we learned about the duties of the Commissioners and the County Judge.

We had a good turnout, with twenty-six participants.

Santiago Grabs His Notebook & Materials

Judge Pierce gave a brief presentation in the Commissioners Court about the responsibilities of the County Judge. He discussed his duties–marrying people, presiding over the Commissioners Court, preparing the County Budget, etc–as well as some of the issues he deals with on a daily basis. He explained the impact that a few decisions can have on daily life in our community..

Judge Pierce Presenting to County U

We were able to have an after-hours tour of the Courthouse–the County Clerk’s Office, District Clerk’s Office, and the various courtrooms;

Jurors’ Chairs in the Main Courtroom

…for many it was their first time being able to see where our Justice System and County officials operate daily.

Following the presentation by Judge Pierce and the tour of the courthouse we were able to have dinner at the historic Gibbs-Powell House just a block away.

Over dinner, the County U participants were able to ask Judge Pierce questions about his presentation…

County U Participants At Dinner

and James Patton was also on hand to go over some of the home’s history and some of its more interesting artifacts…

Taylor Looking Through a Stereoscope

Overall we had a wonderfully educational first day of County U!

Note: The Junior Fellows would like to thank Judge Pierce, James Patton, Sonja Tennant, and Sheri Pegoda for their help and support. Tonight’s County U Program will be at the Wynne Home and will feature David Weeks discussing the District Attorney’s duties.


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