2012 Fair On the Square

Will Phillips–On October 6th, the Junior Fellows volunteered at the Chamber of Commerce’s 38th Annual Fair on the Square. With more than 300 vendors and near perfect weather, the crowds returned the favor by showing up in droves. The numerous vendors that attended this year varied greatly with what they were offering to the people, which is a big part in why the Fair on the Square has always been a success—it offers something for everyone.

2012 Fair on the Square–Around 1:00 PM

Political parties had tents setup where you could either register to vote or show support to your party of choice by purchasing t-shirts, bumper stickers, and yard signs.

Democratic Booth

Republican Booth

However, I greatly enjoyed perusing the numerous vendors who were offering various pieces of art. One vendor who was selling mosaic-type art pieces, caught my attention with an SHSU themed piece (I now proudly display it on the kitchen counter in my apartment.)

As I said, there’s something for everyone.

Of course a “fair” cannot officially be deemed as such if it does not have the “fair foods” of which we all cherish: funnel cakes, kettle corn, lemonade, and just as a general rule: anything that would otherwise be viewed as unhealthy. And yet again, the Fair on the Square did not disappoint; a plethora of vendors offering a great variety of foods and drinks were present.

Once you had your food in hand, you could saunter over to the adjacent sitting area where a variety of bands played live music.

Of course, sometimes being at the Fair is fun simply because of who you run into.  We ran into Meghan Kelly and Melynda Flores…

Meghan Kelly and Melynda Flores

And Judge Mike Countz and his wife Patty…

Judge Countz and Patty Countz

The Chamber of Commerce, headed up by Director Carol Smith and Event Coordinator Laura Green, did another outstanding job of bringing in the numerous vendors and (of course) the community to this popular event. The Junior Fellows definitely look forward to helping out next year!

Note: The Junior Fellows have helped various non-profit organizations or the Chamber of Commerce at the Fair on the Square since 2007.  This year, organizational members worked from 6:00 am to 5:30 pm, helping vendors set up, assisting organizations with their booths throughout the day, and keeping the Food Court clean.


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