County U: Week 2

Melva Gomez–Tonight, the Junior Fellows hosted County U in the beautiful Wynne Home.

The Wynne Home

This session’s topic was prosecution at the county level, and the Walker County District Attorney, David Weeks, was our featured speaker.

Mr. Weeks gave a brief presentation on the District Attorney’s responsibilities.  He discussed jury selection, and his experience with various courts: civil courts, criminal courts, and juvenile courts.

David Weeks Presenting at County U

Following his presentation, participants separated into smaller groups and discussed two hypothetical court cases.  One involved an ambiguous drug find, and the other involved a violent altercation.

A “Prosecution Team”

County U participants were asked to form “prosecutorial groups” and come up with an outcome consistent with justice.  Interestingly, the groups had different ways of looking at the issues, and they sought to pursue different charges.

Mr. Weeks helped oversee these group discussions, and added insight into how a real prosecution team might approach the cases.

The participants spent the rest of the evening having dinner, enjoying each other’s company, and taking tours of the Wynne Home.

A Schlotzsky’s Dinner

For me, the evening was especially enjoyable.  I interned at the Wynne Home this past summer, and I was able to intern with Mr. Weeks in the spring.  It’s not often you get to combine the arts and law, but it made for an enjoyable evening.




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