Eastham-Thomason Park

 Santiago Casas–The Junior Fellows cut their weekly meeting short so that we could hike trails at Eastham-Thomason Park.  This park is one of four major parks in Huntsville, and it is the largest.  All the parks are operated by the Parks and Recreation Department, supervised by Matt Lumpkins.
Eastham-Thomason has 150 acres and includes amenities such as an aquatic center, splash pad, basketball court, nature area, playground, trails, dog park, sand volleyball court, and a walking path. It also includes hiking trails, and the Junior Fellows made good use of them, exploring the Town Creek trail, Prairie Trail, and Top of the Hill trail.

Junior Fellows Hiking Along the Prairie Trail

The hike is particularly interesting, in part because of the changing vegetation throughout.  The trail along the creek bottom has a lot of undergrowth, pecan trees, loblolly pines, privet bush, and hackberry trees.

Pine Trees Along the Town Creek Trail

Along the prairie, however, there are cedars, flowers, and cacti.

Cacti Along the Prairie Trail

In all there’s more than 100 feet elevation difference, and the foliage changes accordingly.

You can also see evidence of animal life throughout the trail.  There are rabbits, foxes, deer, hogs, perhaps wolves in the area, and many species of bird.  For our part, we saw mostly vultures, which seemed to follow us around, as though they were expecting us to fall out at any moment.

Vultures, On Every Trail We Travelled

There are even a couple of (very) small waterfalls…

Aside from the foliage and the wildlife, the trail also offers the remains of an old home (perhaps the Farris home?)…

Artifacts from the Old Farris Home on the Top of the Hill Trail

…and, as a side benefit, it reinforced the Fellows’ teamwork.


If you’re looking for a quick getaway from the busy and “noisy” life of the city, then the Eastham-Thomason Park is perfect to provide that calm and enjoyable experience. Whether it may be a solo hike or a group hike like the one the Junior Fellows took, the trail is for all ages to enjoy!


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