Junior Fellows: Upcoming Events

The next few weeks will see the Junior Fellows engaged in various activities, all of which tie into the organization’s mission of promoting education, public service, and professional development.  The activities include:

Tuesday, 10-23: County U—Week Four (Jail Tour; Intergovernmental Relations)

Thursday, 10-25: COMS Panel—featuring Congressman Kevin Brady and other leading business, political, and non-profit leaders.  This panel was assembled by Professor Terri Jaggers, who is teaching her students—and all comers—the “soft skills” that are sought after by employers.

Friday, 10-26: Mance Park Middle School Election Discussion.  The Junior Fellows will teach 8th graders about the electoral process.

Saturday, 10-27: Scare on the Square.  The Junior Fellows will have a booth for the seventh consecutive year at Huntsville Main Street’s popular Halloween festivities on the downtown square.

Tuesday, 10-30: County U—Week Five (Tour of Fire Station #4; EMS Demonstration; Certificates for Participants)

Thursday, 11-1: COMS Panel.  The Junior Fellows will be assisting with this event, which will feature numerous leaders in the political, business, legal, and non-profit world, all assembled by Professor Terri Jaggers.

Monday, 11-5: Mock Election.  The Junior Fellows will give K-4th graders the opportunity to participate in a mock election, perhaps their first foray into the world of politics.


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