County U: Week Three

Taylor Parker–Last night, the Junior Fellows hosted week three of County U at the Walker County Annex. The featured presenters for this week were Tax Assessor-Collector Diana McRae and County Clerk Kari French. Mrs. McRae shared her duties as Tax Assessor-Collector, which included overseeing vehicle registration and elections.

Tax Assessor Collector Diana McRae

She also engaged in some brief role playing to describe election procedures.

Mrs. French also discussed her duties, most of which pertain to the creation, distribution, completion, and preservation of important documents; no birth, death, marriage, or divorce occurs without documentation crossing Mrs. French’s desk. As she said, “I birth you, I marry you, I bury you.”  She was speaking of official records, of course.

County Clerk Kari French

After the talks, our participants divided up into groups once again to tackle this week’s ‘a day in the life’ challenge: setting the county budget in response to various needs and requests. There were many different opinions when attempting to complete appropriations, and we soon realized that coming to a budget agreement is difficult. A plethora of agendas, interests, and financial ties bring about a tough decision with real-world implications.

Following the exercise, the participants made their way to the Joshua Houston Home for dinner and a relaxed Q&A with our speakers.

Sam Houston Poster in the Joshua Houston Home

Overall the night went smoothly, combining learning with fellowship as our participants filled their minds with new information and mouths with fresh food.

Jessica Rodriguez

Note: The Junior Fellows would like to thank Diana McRae and Kari French for supporting the County U program, and to Mayor Mac Woodward for allowing us to use the Joshua Houston Home.


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