A Halloween Treat: Scare on the Square

Deanna Tyler–The Junior Fellows and I had an opportunity to run a booth at Main Street’s annual Scare on the Square event this past Saturday.  This is the seventh consecutive year that the Junior Fellows have assisted with the event, and it holds a special place for me, as I coordinated Scare on the Square in 2011 as an intern with Main Street.

Melynda Flores, this semester’s Main Street intern, did a great job planning Scare on the Square!

Every October, the Main Street Program coordinates the Scare on the Square, an event that creates a safe and fun Halloween for children.  Community organizations volunteer to host booths with games and “treats,” contests are held for best costume, and other community entities chip in to promote a positive community experience.

The City’s fire truck has multiple uses–a pinata machine!

The event has grown considerably over the years, although a $1 charge for this year’s event may have led to a bit of a dropoff in attendance. Nonetheless, it was a money-raiser for Main Street’s great programs, and it drew more than 3,000 people for some Halloween fun.

Visitors Pack Huntsville’s Familiar Downtown

Major congratulations should go to Main Street Director Kim McAuliffe, Main Street Assistant Jessica Carmona, and intern Melynda Flores.

This year, the Junior Fellows set up a booth with “Bozo Buckets,” the object of which is to toss bean bags into buckets that are spread out at various distances. Many of the kids had a blast making the bean bags into the buckets and receiving candy. In fact, we ran out of candy twice!

And while we were monitoring our game,  we occasionally helped out with some face painting at the Wynne Home booth.

Annel Painting Faces

And, of course, we had the chance to see some interesting costumes that the children were wearing.  My personal favorite was the Pink Darth Vader costume, although it just wouldn’t have been the same to hear, “Luke, I am your mother…’

Deanna Tyler, Mrs.Vader, and Hellieth Pedroza.

Even some of the Junior Fellows wore a costume for this event!

Annel Gonzalez as a witch

Taylor Parker as Taylor Parker Wearing a Cape

Huntsville’s Scare on the Square is one of most popular events in the community, promoting safety and fun, volunteerism, and a community spirit.  The Junior Fellows are looking forward to their eighth consecutive year on the job in 2013.


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