County U: Professor Clayton Wukich

Dr. Clayton Wukich–Despite the goods and services we see produced by local governments on a regular basis, the structure and process of decision making remains a “black box” to many residents. County U provides an exceptional program in which public officials team with the university and interested citizens to shed light on the day-to-day work of the county. It is definitely worth attending. Participants receive an “all access” pass to learning everything from administrative processes to public safety. Topics included the functions of:

The county judge

Judge Pierce with Clayton Wukich

The district attorney

District Attorney David Weeks with Junior Fellows

The county clerk

The tax assessor

Tax Assessor Collector Diana McRae Presents to County U Participants

The county sheriff

The county jail

Kameron Weaver Checks Out the Jail’s Facilities

Emergency management

The fire service

Intergovernmental relations between the city, county, and state

City Council and County Commissioners Discuss Cooperation

I tell my students that politics and government don’t happen in a textbook. Politics happens in our communities and through the institutions that we’ve built. As someone who just moved from Pennsylvania, I was truly lucky to have the opportunity to see how local government operates in Walker County. Judge Danny Pierce and the Junior Fellows deserve a lot of credit and praise for coordinating this terrific program. I encourage anyone who is interested in government to participate in next year’s session.


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