Upcoming Events

Junior Fellows Upcoming Events

Tuesday, November 6:  The Junior Fellows will gather at the historic Joshua Houston home to “watch” the election returns.  Actually, they will listen to the election returns old-school like, because the Houston home does not have television.

Wednesday, November 7: One half of the Junior Fellows will go to Houston to attend the World Affairs Council Luncheon with former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.  The Fellows will have the luncheon, after which two will have the honor of interviewing Chertoff.

Wednesday, November 7: The other half of the Junior Fellows will embark on five-day trip to Savannah, Georgia.  Wednesday will see them leave at 3:00 am, head to Baton Rouge and then New Orleans.  On the agenda: Louisiana State Capitol Building, World War II Museum, New Orleans Museum of Fine Arts, Jackson Square, the graves of Homer Plessy and Marie Laveau.

Thursday, November 8: The Junior Fellows will head to Savannah.  They will stop in Biloxi, where they will see the City’s tree sculptures, the Biloxi Lighthouse, and Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis’s Presidential Library.  They’ll then head to Monroeville, where they will see Museums of Truman Capote and Harper Lee.  After that, the Junior Fellows will stop in Montgomery to see civil rights sites such as the spot where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat; the church where Martin Luther King served as pastor; the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Civil Rights Memorial.  They’ll also see Hank Williams’ home, the state Capitol Building, and the Confederate White House.

Friday, November 9: The Huntsville Junior Fellows group will assist Dean John de Castro with the opening of the CHSS Outdoor Teaching Center, featuring the granite sculptures of Jesus Moroles.

Friday, November 9: The journeying Junior Fellows will spend the day in Savannah, attending the Georgia Political Science Association annual conference.  They’ll also tour the City, visit various historic sites, and check out the Tybee Island lighthouse.

Saturday, November 10: The Huntsville Junior Fellows will assist the HEARTS Museum with their annual Veterans Day gala–many thanks to Schlotzsky’s for the tickets!

Saturday, November 10: The journeying Junior Fellows will spend time at the GPSA, then head to Atlanta, where they will see the Margaret Mitchell home, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, Martin Luther King’s grave, and the state capitol building.  After that, the Fellows will visit the Vulcan Statue in Birmingham before stopping for the night in Vicksburg, MS.

Sunday, November 11: The Junior Fellows will journey home, touring the Vicksburg Civil Rights battlefield and Natchitoches, Louisiana.  They’ll close out the trip with a zipline course in Nacogdoches, TX.





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