Southern Culture Tour, Day Two: Brian King

The second day of our Southern Culture trip consisted of visiting Biloxi, MS; Ocean Springs, MS; Monreoville, AL; and Montgomery AL.

The day began with me enjoying Biloxi’s 27-mile long, man-made sand beach tracing the coastal line of the Gulf of Mexico.  It was my first visit to a beach, and it was a great experience.  I was able to see the seashells and even a live jellyfish.

Taylor, Annel, Deanna, and I in Biloxi

More impressive was the Biloxi Lighthouse, which stands as a beacon for ships at sea.  The lighthouse has been around since 1848, so it has seen its share of storms, which it has marked at the door of the structure.  The water mark for Katrina was the highest, at twenty-one feet.

Me, Standing in Front of the Biloxi Lighthouse

We also visited the Jefferson Davis home in Biloxi.  Known as “Beauvoir” (or beautiful view), the house was built in 1852 and includes an in-profess presidential library and a confederate cemetery.  The house is pretty impressive and, for the most part, has withstood the damaging hurricanes in the area.

Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis’s Home

I really enjoyed visiting the hometown of Harper Lee (author of To Kill a Mockingbird) and Truman Capote (author of In Cold Blood).  Monreoville, Alabama is the county seat, and the Old Monroe County Courthouse was the model for the courtroom scenes in Mockingbird.

Monroeville Courtroom–On Which the Courtroom in To Kill a Mockingbird Was Based

Further east, the town of Montgomery, AL contained numerous historic landmarks including: Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church (where Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached from 1954-1960), the spot where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, as well as an interesting Civil Rights Memorial. Deanna, Taylor, Annel, and I enjoyed the opportunity to traverse spots that were key battlegrounds in the civil rights movement.

Standing on the Balcony of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Where MLK Served As Pastor from 1954-1960

Once again, the food of the South was very filling and enjoyable. We started out with breakfast at Cafe Du Monde in the French Market of New Orleans, Louisiana, ordering coffee, beignets (cake donuts topped with powered sugar), and hot chocolate. I seriously recommend the beignets for those with a sweet tooth. For lunch the Junior Fellows stopped Ocean Springs, Mississippi at Bayview Gourmet.

Bayview Gourmet

The grilled shrimp taco on a wheat wrap was very flavorful, as was the fried artichoke appetizer. Satisfying our sweet tooth, we indulged in a lemon-glazed muffin with poppy seeds. For dinner, we visited Tomatino’s in Montgomery, Alabama, a pizza shop that is a college hangout.  It had good pizza (Supreme) and a nice atmosphere0, a fitting close to a nice day.


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