Southern Culture Tour, Day Three: Deanna Tyler

Day Three started a tad early with only about 3 hours of sleep in an actual bed but it was well worth it. Today the Junior Fellows and I spent the whole day in Savannah, Georgia.

First on our to-do list was attending the Georgia Political Science Association’s annual conference. Annel Gonzalez  and I started with a Criminal Justice panel where we had the pleasure of listening to two authors of position papers where we were the only audience members.  The first to present was Charles Uhah with an argument about how globalization has allowed more access for criminals to commit crime and how countries should work together on creating regimes for limited access to fire arms and etc. The topic was quite interesting to me due to the fact that I really enjoyed a Political Science course called International Relations taught by Jason Enia where we focused on this topic. Min Kim’s topic was also very interesting as it was about his calculations on the State of Louisiana inmate’s completion rates. Kim used the Chi Square Test (something I also have learned in a Political Science course) for his calculations and concluded that the completion level, 78 percent, is quite low compared to the federal level’s calculations of 93 percent. Both presenters were interesting and it was a great experience to discuss topics with which I was familiar.

Junior Fellows at the GPSA

We also had the pleasure of touring the gorgeous City of Savannah on a ninety-minute Trolly Tour.

Old Town Trolley Tour: Highly Recommended

The tour guide was enthusiastic, spurring an even greater interest in the city and its history. After riding the trolly, the Junior Fellows and I picked three sights that we wanted to explore; St. John the Baptist Cathedral…

Candles in St. John’s Cathedral

…the Wright Square where Forrest Gump was filmed…

The Forrest Gump Bench

…and the Second African Baptist Church where Martin Luther King Junior gave his first “I Have a Dream” speech. All three places were breath taking, especially the beautiful Cathedral.  During these explorations, we came across a non-profit thrift store where we made a couple of new friends as we had great conversations and got more information about their store.

On another note, one of my dreams came true today. I am a big Paula Deen fanatic; I love to watch her cooking shows, I use her recipes often, and today I ate at her “Lady and Sons” restaurant.

We all decided to try the buffet that was available and it was well worth it. We had Paula Deen’s famous fried chicken—probably the best friend chicken I’ve ever had.

Deanna with “Paula Deen”

Along with the chicken, the buffet offered Boiled Shrimp, Fried Southern Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Collard Greens and more.

Food from Paula Dean’s “The Lady & Sons”

I have to admit that I had to go back for seconds, as it was the best southern food I’ve had. Not only is Paula Deen someone I admire, her food exceeded my expectations.  I cannot wait until I can try some of her seasonings I bought at the gift shop.

And on that note, I must say Goodnight Ya’ll!


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