Mr. Roach Goes to Austin

Blake Roach enrolled at SHSU as a political science major in 2007.  Since then, he has wanted to work in the political world, and this week he received two job offers: one from a state senator elect, and another from Attorney General Greg Abbott.  He took the latter job, and will start as an “Advance Representative” for General Abbott on December 3, 2012.  Major congratulations to Blake!

Blake met members of the Junior Fellows before he even registered at SHSU.  Amy Kirker, the then-Vice President, said, “We need to get him in the organization; he’s a future President!”

That fall, he engaged in various Junior Fellows’ activities, such as looking studious for the Board of Regents, when they visited in November.

Blake Roach Contemplates College

He also soon engaged in more educational activities, such as traveling to Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN to visit various historical sites and met Governor Mike Beebe.

Blake Roach, Junior Fellows, and Governor Mike Beebe

Blake also participated in his first Democrat v. Republican charity football game, and that year he played with the Democrats.

Blake Roach and Junior Fellows Donate to SHSU and the YMCA

Blake was in one of the last student cohorts to have the opportunity to meet Dr. John Holcombe, a meeting that involved two of the nicer gentlemen at SHSU.

Along the way toward graduation, Blake made the most of his experiences at SHSU, meeting Congressman Brady numerous times…

Blake Roach, the Junior Fellows, and Congressman Brady

…Governor Mitt Romney…

Blake with Mitt Romney

…Senator Scott Brown…

Blake Roach with Senator Scott Brown

…Representative Lois Kolkhorst…

Blake Roach, Junior Fellows, and Lois Kolkhorst

…attending fine arts events in Houston…


Blake Roach and Junior Fellows at Sherlock Holmes: Cruficer of Blood–At the Alley Theater


…getting to know University officials…

Blake, the Junior Fellows, and Nancy Gaertner

…and going to the 2009 Presidential Inauguration…

Blake, The Junior Fellows, and The Washington Monument

While at SHSU, Blake did an internship with the Mayor of Huntsville, worked as the Assistant to the City Manager, and assisted with the Charles Schwertner for Texas Senate Campaign.  In short, he was a model for extracurricular involvement at SHSU, and we are sure he will be a model for young employees with the Attorney General.  Good luck and congratulations Blake!


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