Southern Culture Tour, Day Four: Annel Gonzalez

As we wind down to the last half of the trip, we make our way to the heart of the south, Atlanta, GA.  We visited the home of Margaret Mitchell, the author of Gone with the Wind and even saw the typewriter with which she typed the manuscript.

Annel Gonzalez at Margaret Mitchell’s Typewriter

I learned very much about how the book came about and found it very interesting that it was never her intention to publish it. I also learned much about the difficulties and problems while making the film that I feel will allow me to have a deeper appreciation for the movie when I watch it again.

Annel Gonzalez with Clark Gable

Later in the day we visited the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta, GA. I loved learning more details of the Carter Presidency. I learned about all of the work that President Carter and his wife did with habitat for humanity. I had the chance to stand in a full size replica of the White House Oval Office that was furnished exactly as it had been during the administration of President Carter.

Junior Fellows at the Carter (Mock) Oval Office

I had a blast in the garden behind the library which had huge round trees with bright yellow leafs. The ground was almost completely covered in fallen leaves and I couldn’t resist climbing the tree, or at least hanging from it!

Annel Gonzalez Impersonating a Monkey

My favorite part of the day was the Vulcan Statue in Birmingham late at night. We rode the elevator which had glass walls all the way to the top, and it made me a little nervous but reaching the top and being able to see the city made up of thousands of twinkling lights made me feel fearless. The view was breathtaking!

Annel at the Vulcan Lookout Tower

Thanks to Brian and his great people skills we even had the opportunity to tour the museum after hours. We were all thankful and very happy that we had the chance to learn about the largest cast iron statue in the world, and to gain a perspective on the south, and our lives, and the trip from such grand heights!


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