Southern Culture Trip, Day 5: Annel Gonzalez

The final day of the trip we toured the Vicksburg Battlefield. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. Every monument was impressive in its unique way, but the battlefield itself was one of the best places we had the chance to go to during the trip. The weather was absolutely perfect! We were able to refresh our memory of the Battle of Vicksburg by watching a short video before going out into the park. Once we were outside it was much easier to visualize the battle and the struggles the soldiers must have faced. It was surreal to stand on the same field that some sacrificed their lives on. I felt so thankful!

We all felt like children today, being able to run on the hills and skip through the field. I even had the chance to race Taylor down one of the paths on the field. It was a great way to end our trip.

Junior Fellows’ Reenactment

We were able to see the Mississippi River and enjoy the beautiful view from some of the highest points on the Battlefield.

Junior Fellows Atop the Tennessee Redoubt

Our trip has taught me so much about history, literature, film, culture, and life. It has opened my eyes to the many things still left to learn and the many places still left to explorer. It has brought to reality places that before this past week were simply dots on a map. It has inspired me to continue learning and asking questions. I feel truly lucky to have shared this experience with Deanna, Taylor, and Brian. I am very grateful to our advisers who planned this so carefully and sacrificed sleep and comfort so that we could see as many places as possible! I would recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in going next year!



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