Michael Connelly Book Signing

Jessica Rodriguez–The Junior Fellows had the honor of attending a book signing by best-selling author Michael Connelly, author of two of the most popular series in modern publishing: Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller.  One of the Haller books, The Lincoln Lawyer, was recently released as a movie starring Matthew McConnaughey.  But it is the Bosch series that kicked off Connelly’s career, and it was the latest in the series, The Black Box, which prompted last night’s book signing.

The title is a direct reference to Connelly’s first novel, The Black Echo, published twenty years ago.

To ensure a seat at the book talk, we arrived early, and I took time to browse.  Crime, mystery, and thriller are my favorite genres, and I picked up The Drop (by Michael Connelly), The Monster of Florence (Douglas Preston), and The Black Box, and I plan on doing some interesting reading this winter break.

Connelly discussed his writing techniques and updated the audience of about 200 people about the latest in his publishing world.

Michael Connelly Interview

Connelly thinks Harry Bosch will soon make his way to television, being featured in a cable series based on the books.  Connelly prefers a new and unknown actor to play Bosch, and the crowd, unsolicited, seemed rather emphatic that the macho Bosch NOT be played by Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise

The author also discussed the origins of the plot of his newest novel.  The narrative involves the 1992 LA Riots and, in fact, Connelly dedicated the book to “the man that got him through the crowd.”  In 1992, Connelly was an LA reporter, and he was in the midst of the dangerous riots following the Rodney King verdict.  A man reached through the crowd and led him to safety.  Twenty years later, the man received Connelly’s thanks by way of the dedication.

LA Riots

After the talk, we were able to get our books signed.

Jessica Rodriguez with Michael Connelly

Mine, by the way, reads: “To Jessica, all the best from Harry and Me!”  (At least that what I think it says.)

The Black Box, Signed by Michael Connelly

On the way home, we ate at Jerry Built Burgers, a creatively designed restaurant.  I had a 100% angus beef burger with a delicious vanilla milkshake made of Blue Bell ice cream.

Shake and Burger at Jerry-Built Burgers

It is always great to try new places, and take the usual “meal” to a new level. Jerry Built Burgers definitely does.

Chili-Cheese Fries

After dinner, we set out for Huntsville on a full stomach and great conversation about Michael Connelly’s many books!

Santiago Casas with Michael Connelly


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