An Evening in a “Folk Victorian” Home

Ariel Traub- On October 28th the Junior Fellows had the privilege to hold the weekly meeting at the beautiful Kellogg-Pritchett Home.

Kellogg-Pritchett Home

The home was built by Joseph Lucien Pritchett and his wife, Lenora, in 1892. The family moved to Huntsville after Mr. Pritchett was hired as a mathematics professor at Sam Houston Normal Institute.  His brother was President of SHSU, and he later became Dean of Students.

The house gets its name due to its dual ownership. William Kellogg purchased the home in 1945 and remained in the home until he died. In 2006, Mary Laura Gibbs purchased the house and began the restoration process. Ms. Gibbs has worked hard to maintain the home and its “Folk Victorian” style.

The KP Home’s Impressive Detail

On the inside, the house has many spectacular features. The home has a perfect mixture of modern and vintage touches, striking a balance between character and functionality. 

View from home’s entry

The Kellogg-Pritchett home also has a few rooms that are particularly interesting. The first room is what has become to be known as the “Gazebo room.” This room is painted to make people feel as if there are in a garden gazebo. With a constant blue sky and (painted) buzzing bees, the room creates a constant happy feeling.

Junior Fellows meeting in the “Gazebo Room.”

The ceiling of the “Gazebo Room,” giving the feeling of actually being in a Gazebo…

The Gazebo Room’s detail, provided by local painter Lee Jamison

More of Jamison’s depictions of nature…

…and this…

Additional features of the home include a hidden gem of an attic, intriguing chandaliers, Dutch tiles surrounding one of the home’s fireplaces, and knotty pine paneling.  Despite these diverse and at times idiosyncratic features, the home retains its historic character and stands as one of the City’s most interesting 19th century homes.

In conclusion, the Kellogg-Pritchett home is a spectacular historical landmark that has been well preserved. On behalf of the Political Science Junior Fellows, I would like to extend my thanks to Ms. Gibbs for the restoration of the home!


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