The HEARTS Museum Honors Veterans

Will Phillips (November 10, 2012)–It’s easy to take for granted the freedoms that we all cherish, but Huntsville has a unique opportunity to appreciate and celebrate those who have sacrificed for our freedoms through service by way of the HEARTS Veterans Complex.

In this case,  it played as a staging area for the annual Veterans Day Banquet, put on by the H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum, through the direction and coordination of Charlotte Oleinik, the Co-founder of the Museum and the organization’s Event Planner.

A big crowd was on hand to join in the honoring of our Veterans

Colonel Dennis Beal served as MC, and did a superb job keeping the event on track, interjecting humor and conveying information about the history and spirit of Veterans Day.

Retired USMC Col. Dennis Beal

The event brought many people in the community together, in the appropriate spirit of honoring local veterans…

Richard Yawn, Colonel John McManners, and Mayor Mac Woodward

…and to raise money for the HEARTS Museum and the many good causes it supports.  Fundraising was undertaken by a silent auction, which provided guests with the opportunity to bid on impressive items such as the quilt below.


The event was also an occasion for the Junior Fellows to assist in a small role and enjoy an evening out.  The Junior Fellows would especially like to thank Bill and Lynn Mizell of Schloztsky’s, who sponsored the tickets for the Fellows and other table guests.


The dominant theme of the evening was appreciation for our veterans the service they have given.  The Armed Forces Medley was performed, and guests who served in each branch were invited to stand as their official song was introduced.  Of course, an event honoring those who served would not be complete without remembering those who have fallen, and the somber Taps was played in memory of those who died serving the United States.

The event was a success in conveying the solemnity, yet sense of pride in the men and women who have staked their lives for all of us to live happily, and most importantly free; and because of this, all thanks go to the H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum for making it a wonderful night for all.


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