Let’s Talk = Lotsa Fun

The Honors College hosted another fun and successful “Let’s Talk” this past week.  The event, which features two dozen experts discussing their field of expertise, raises funds for the Honors College and provides University staff and local citizens with stimulating conversation and good food.

On the Junior Fellows front, we sat at separate tables, one led by Dr. Ed Blackburne, who discussed the economy…

Dr. Ed Blackburne

Dr. Ed Blackburne

…one led by Linda White, who discussed crime and healing

Linda White

Linda White

and Fred Campos, who discussed social media for businesses…

Fred Campos

Fred Campos

Of course, one of the things that’s interesting for students is not just your table presenter, but also the other table presenters and the guests at the tables.

Collectively, we were able to visit with many noteworthy speakers–General “Spider” Marks, Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips…

Bob Phillips at Let's Talk

Bob Phillips at Let’s Talk

and we even got to visit again with Chris Tritico, who had spoken earlier in the afternoon to us about law and law school.

Chris Tritico at Let's Talk

Chris Tritico at Let’s Talk

From all appearances, people had lots of fun, and the event raised more than $75,000 for the Honors College!  Major kudos to Jacel Angel, Maggie Collum, Dean Vince Webb, Jane Monday, and the Honors College (Gene Young, Maria Holmes, and Kim Bell) for putting it on!


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