Junior Fellows’ New Orleans Tour: Day Two

Jake’s Take, by Jake Rivera


The day in New Orleans begin great when we awoke and headed out into the day, greeted just outisde our hotel by the ever present Blue Dog.

The Blue Dog, On Canal Street

The Blue Dog, On Canal Street

We then quickly registered for the conference and began to get ready for the panels. The panels were extremely interesting as the lectures were on important topics in political science. We finished our individual panels–with topics such as Presidential Communication, Undergraduate Research on State Politics, Organizing the White House, and African American Cultural History–before making our way to the World War II Museum.

World War II Museum, New Orleans

World War II Museum, New Orleans

The World War II Museum was a great historical learning experience as we delved into the war and how it affected American lives. One of the most interesting exhibits to me was the Propaganda Exhibit, where we saw examples of propaganda put out by both the Americans and the Japanese.

American Propaganda in WWII

American Propaganda in WWII

It is a unique museum, and a great way to learn about the war and the men who fought in it.

For lunch we headed to Elizabeth’s restaurant, which provided an amazing food experience.

Elizabeth's in New Orleans--601 Gallier Street

Elizabeth’s in New Orleans–601 Gallier Street

For me, that meant an Elizabeth’s Dream Burger, although for others it meant “Bananas Foster French Toast,” “Grits and Eggs,” and a “Roast Beef Po Boy,” although we all tried Boudin Balls and Blue Cheese Oysters as starters.

We tried to walk off our lunch at the Sylvia and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at New Orleans City Park, also the home of the New Orleans Museum of Fine Arts.  One of the first things to strike you as you enter the garden is a giant safety pin, one created by Claes Oldenburg and Cooje van Bruggen.


That was kind of a head-scratcher, but it was an identifiable head-scratcher.  Others were less identifiable, although just as interesting.

The Museum is a classical structure, with an entrance featuring an entry-way partially obscured by six massive columns.

New Orleans Museum of Arts

New Orleans Museum of Arts

The Museum had 46 exhibits, with floors dedicated to American and European art, and the third floor consisting of Asian, African, Oceanic, Pre-Columbian, and Native American art and artifacts.

As interesting as Museums are, they are also tiring, the standing and walking wear you down.  So after visiting the NOMA, we retreated to our hotel rooms where we rested a bit and blogged, before heading out to dinner at Remoulade, where we had more of New Orleans’ tasty Cajun food…

Red Beans and Rice, from Remoulade

Red Beans and Rice, from Remoulade

We also got a little more of the flavor of New Orleans’ nightlife…

Street Performer

Street Performer

…before heading in for the night.


One thought on “Junior Fellows’ New Orleans Tour: Day Two

  1. Jake, excellent take on your day and appreciated the details/humor. Yes, can’t escape the ‘Blue Dog’! I love Remoulades, glad you all tried it. Can’t wait to hear of Day 3 :-).


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